Bangla Road Patong DREAMS of you coming to stay and play in Phuket’s paradise.

backaches2Like all night owls, Soi Bangla awakens when the sun sets. That’s when Patong’s liveliest nightlife and party zone becomes closed to traffic and ready for action!

Famous for its raunchy nightlife, Bangla Road, Patong goes all out to entertain you with girls, beers and music that increases in volume as the moon rises. Jammed most nights year round, it’s actually totally unthreatening and a lively and relatively safe place to walk around as bars and their staff compete for customers.

The girls aim to please – dancing around poles, engaging in banter, or coaxing customers to play simple bar games like “Connect” or “Hammer the nail” to break the ice. The objective is to entice customers to buy drinks and hopefully, take them away for the evening.

Almost all of the bars are outdoors so the music from each one can be deafening!!! Beer Bars occupy most of the street’s length, with several a-go-gos and a few pubs, restaurants, discos and shops rounding out the attractions both on Bangla Road and down its side streets, Gonso, Soi Crocodile, Eric, Lion, Sea Dragon and the Tiger complex.