Our GUIDE to Bangla Road Bars.

Soi Bangla Road is the center and most popular of all tourist nightlife in Patong Beach, Phuket.

Soi Bangla Road is one of those places that you will either love or hate. It’s the cornerstone of nightlife in Patong and it’s not likely to change in the near future. There has been some talk of Patong becoming more of a destination for families, but with the bars and clubs at Soi Bangla still touting cheap sex, we’re unsure how true this claim is. There are less go-go bars along Bangla Road than in places such as Pattaya. What you’ll find are more beer bars.

On the up side, if you want the chance to meet random sexy Thai girls, Soi Bangla is an easy place to do it. Just don’t forget that most people around Soi Bangla want your money.

A typical example of this are the games the bar girls of Soi Bangla play with customers. Chances are you’ll be hustled at Connect 4 or that weird game of hitting a nail into a tree trunk with the wrong side of a hammer. Bar girls know how to get free drinks, so bear that in mind.

Some beer bars open early but most bars don’t open before nine o’clock in the evening. Closing time is flexible at the moment. Some bars close 2 AM, others close later.

If you want a few cheap drinks early in the evening, look out for happy hour when bars sell drinks for half price. Check for signs outside the bars since it changes all the time. Happy hour vary a lot from bar to bar, time of the day and from week to week.